I wanted to create a cohesive email marketing strategy this year instead of randomly emailing my list when I could find the time. My main challenge was having confidence in the content I was sharing, and including a call to action each month. Meredith helped me create a content strategy for what, when and how to post and share, and helps me keep to a consistent schedule that makes me look good. She listens to my ideas, adds her own, sh*t gets done!

Laura Roden

Graphic Assist

Meredith is a great writer who is very reliable. She's helped several of my web development and SEO strategy clients with quality content.

Gina Williams

Websites That Elevate

Meredith is one of the most reliable and meticulous people I know. Her writing matches the tone and style that I want to express but am not always able to articulate. She delivers projects on time, and supports me in getting her the information that she needs to deliver the content. Meredith helps me consistently engage with my subscribers, with the message and material they need. Her sales prowess allows me to reach a larger audience, attract new business, and deliver valuable content to my clients."

Jennifer Exum

JRE Careers

"Meredith, I received many responses to this morning's newsletter, stating things like… it looks great, I love it, great job, but I received two comments that I especially loved: “it’s warm, inviting, and informative….just like you” and another colleague told me “’you’ came through…caring, humble, informative.” While they were being complimentary, the compliment really goes to you that you were able to capture ‘that voice’ to reflect the meaningful work we do that was so important to me to come across from me and my business. Overall, lots of good feedback from people and I just wanted to extend my sincere gratitude to you for what you do."

Christine Lee

Casa Companion Homecare Solutions