Business development is the bridge between your marketing plan and your next customer. 'Biz Dev' is all about finding the right person to talk to about your product or service so your sales funnel is always full. Join me and other entrepreneurs in the 'Boost Your Biz Dev Now' group program, or get one-on-one focus with some personal coaching time.


Content for its own sake isn't going to fill your sales funnel. The foundation of your biz dev process is targeted, powerful content that resonates with your leads and moves them to become your prospects. Blogs, curated social media posts, newsletters and direct messaging are all part of the sales process. I've been 'using my words' to sell for more than 20 years, and I can help you too.


The most common question I hear from entrepreneurs is "I've set up a sales meeting with a prospect. Now what do I say?" The sales conversation is often the most awkward part of the entrepreneur's sales process. Let's work together on a conversational 'road map' that you and the prospect can follow to a mutual recognition of the value of working together.