Put a spotlight on developing new customers for your business with personal guidance, strategy and support. We can address some or all of these aspects of sales, business development or both:

  • Define and map the way you currently bring in new business
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your current process:
    • Lead generation
    • Prospect and opportunity movement through the funnel
    • Sales Content
    • Converting a prospect to a new customer: qualification, negotiation and closing
    • Follow up, referrals and retention
  • Refine and build a new business process that works for you
    • Reinforce what’s working
    • Refine and review what’s not working
    • Or, decide it’s time to start from scratch
  • Target just one of these elements with laser-focus if you’ve identified your area of difficulty already

We can work on your sales technique, your business development skills or the entire sales funnel with personal, custom attention. Choose an hourly package, complete the assessment questionnaire, and we’ll set your goals together.

Terms: Coaching package hours must be used within six months of the date of purchase (nine months for the 10-hour package), and there are no refunds for unused hours. If I’m the obstacle to getting them scheduled, I will gladly extend the term.