What is Sales Content Creation?

So many ideas, so little time! We author and schedule targeted content that be used for blogs, ad campaigns, and other types of promotions.

We tell stories that highlight what’s important to your business. Once the words are on paper (digitally speaking) we can promote according to your schedule. You can engage, inform and educate customers and prospects consistently, and without worry.

Among the types of content we offer are:

Newsletters – Newsletters are typically based on what’s been happening in your business over the past month. If possible, we like to refer to recently completed successful events, upcoming future events, and highlights of your existing social media presence. We’ll need you to let us know what you’re up to in order to create the best possible product.

Blog Posts – Blog Posts reflect your business and your voice, but they can delve more deeply into creative topics that your customers care about. Once we get to know you, we’re readily able to write original posts that are readily sharable on your targeted networks. We handle everything – writing, related images, and posting, according to your schedule.

Press Releases – Press Releases are unique because they are aimed at, well, the press, so you can build a relationship with your targeted media professionals and get your business in front of the media outlets that matter to you. Press releases let you convey your point of view (and define your brand), with credibility and clarity, as the format requires information to be laid out in an organized way designed for easy reading and understanding. A press release may be your best competitive advantage in some cases.

White Papers –  Whitepapers are an in-depth report on a specific topic. Typically, they present a problem and then provide a solution. They can be useful in helping you to educate your audience about a particular issue and build credibility for your brand.

Downloadables – If part of your marketing strategy includes providing downloadable content to prospective customers we can create those items for you. Most often these would be checklists, worksheets, and how-to guides.