Five sessions over four months that will boost your business development!


Ninety minutes – Month One

We’ll launch your business development process with a group session that covers the basics and sets you up for the future. Bring a laptop, notepad and completed Assessment because we’re going to dive into your network, your business and your messaging. You’ll take away what you need to get started: a lead list, plus targeted messaging for referrals, connections who can make referrals, and cold leads in the ‘bullseye’. 


Between our monthly group sessions, we’ll set up a plan you will commit to following, and I’ll hold you accountable for the consistent business development work only you can do.


Three one-hour sessions – Months Two, Three and Four

We’ll meet for an hour each month for the next three months to review your completed biz dev work and results, create and adjust strategy and follow-up messaging, and troubleshoot and re-target what’s not working.


Half-hour individual session – End of Month Four

We’ll use all your work and what you’ve learned to build your biz dev process for your  business. You’ll complete the worksheet on your own, and you and I will review together in a one-on-one half-hour session.

Enroll In “Boost Your Biz Dev” Now

This four-month program comprises five and a half hours of group coaching, assessments and takeaways plus a final 30-minute personal session for just $350. The Fall Session starts October 2nd so sign up now!